dragster bus - The cool bus

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dragster bus - The cool bus
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Added: 24-03-2010
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a dragster bus that does a 1/4 mile wheelie K ive found the official website and gotten the buses stats. this video was recorded at abilene Dragstrip Night of fire in 04, unknown as to ho recorded it The "cool bus" is a bus styled dragster designed specifically for wheelstands over long distances. it currently holds the record for the longest wheelstand ever (over a 1/4 of a mile) Engine: Proving the tired old 1960's expression of "theres no substitute for cubic inches" the cool bus has a 400+ cube big block chevy engine mounted behind the rear axle (which helps with the leverage and wheelstanding) that runs on pure alcohol. The site says it produces around 1000 HP. Body: Despite it looking genuine, this isnt an actual bus. The body is custom made from alluminium and fibreglass, doesnt feature a fully completed floor or any windows, has a completely stripped interior but does feature working lights. It was custom built (and is driven) by Ken Nelson who spent 2 years building this beast Extra: the bus was also rolled recently at an event, its status is currently unknown since then audio stops at 0:05 for sum unknown reason. the origional on my comp had full audio so i blame youtube Also why 170000 people would view this is beyond me, I fell.......priveliged

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